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Killer of Love #6💘

Beast Boy looked around the room.

„When Edo arrives, we quit. So come on quickly.“ Timotej said. 

„Edo ? Are you in the room with…?“

Edo or Edward Newman was the scariest guy in school. He was still wearing black clothes and no one knew why. Beast Boy tried to find his way to him, but he was still afraid of him. He was also afraid of Timo in some way. He looked so serious and cold that he was scarry, but not like Edo. 

„Yes. Some problem ?“ 

Beast Boy didn’t want to say that he’s afraid of him, so he preferred silence.

„So none ? I’m glad.“

„So our project…,“ Beast Boy started, „what do you want to put in there ?“

„Do it yourself.“

„What ?! It’s our project not only mine, so we should do it together!“

„Do it and I’ll talk about it. We’re done.“


„It wasn’t a question! You’ll do it! You can go now…B…Baby Boy ?“

„BaBy BoY ?! My name’s Beast Boy or BB or Garfield, but no BABY BOY!“

„ What ? You don’t like it ? What about Bunny Boy or just Bunny ?“ He asked with provocative smile. 

„NO! I’m Beast Boy no-„

„Yeah, yeah. Go now! Buh-bye!“ 

He pushed him out of the room and closed the door behind him. Angry and blushed Beast Boy went to his room.   

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