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Killer of Love #5💘

After school Timotej wanted  to talk to him, but Beast Boy ran away. Beast Boy didn’t know how, but he thrust into him in another corridor. 

„Why are you running away ?! „

„I…need to go…pee…?“ 

„Pee ?! Really ? You have no better reason, right ?“

„Shut up!“

„At 6 in my room! See ya!“ He left without hesitation. 

Beast Boy was standing there about 6 minutes after Timotej left. His head wasn’t able to understand. Then he ran into his room to prepare himself for „meeting“.


After some time he stood in front of Timotej’s doors and thinking about: knock or run ? He was ready to leave when Timotej opened the doors.

„How long…?“

„I just got here!“

„Okay then. Let’s do it as soon as possible.“

Beast Boy walked in and the door closed. 

There was no way back. 

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