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Killer of Love #2 💘

He was scared. It can’t be true ?! He don’t…he can’t. They are just friends… 


Beast Boy screamed on himself.

„But what if…NO! STOP IT! Just go to school and forget it! Am I talking to myself? Nice…“

He went to school and he tried to forget his dream but it didn’t work. Not when he saw HIM at every step. He walked along the west side of the building, in the garden, nar the dining room, and finally, eye to eye. Beast Boy almost got a heart attack.

„What are you doing ?!“ Timotej asked.

Beast Boy swallow.

„What are talking about ?“

„Why are you everywhere I am ?“

„WHAT ?! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ?! I’M NOT!“ Beast Boy screamed.

„Are you nervous ?“ Timotej giggled.


Beat Boy turned ready to leave when Timotej stopped him and pressed him against the wall.

Beast Boy became nervous even more. He saw Timotej’s pretty brown eyes close up like never before. They were…

They were so big, so beautiful and…SO CLOSE.

„Wh-what you want ?!“ He asked little bit nervously and looked away.

„I just asked you something you dumbass.“

 „Don’t call me like that!“ Beast Boy shrink his eyebrows.

„Ok pretty boy. Go and leave me alone. And don’t follow me! Bye dumdum.“

Beast boy blushed and Timotej left with little smirk on his face.




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