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The final fight

High above lies the feeling of the success
followed by the pride of the soul.
The days go by and the fight comes closer.
The fight which should change his whole life.
He knows, it would be almost impossible to defeat the Dark.
Living in the fear, waiting for the single moment
to protect her herart.
Prepared to risk everything, even his life,
to protect her from the Dark.
Like a poisoned knife it has cut through her
already for thousand times.
She is cought by the Dark, not letting her go.
The fight is comming near,
he can feel it, the breeze of bloody gear.
She begged him no to fight,
that she would stand the jail of the Dark,
but he was already decided,
he´ll set her free.
The day has come,
he met the Dark in person.
One sight and he turned into stone, immediately.
No movement for a lond time.
suddenly the Dark rises his head to the sky,
the night was beautiful
prepared to help him to defeat the Dark
and give her life full of bright moments.
Still stoned, he´s feeling useless,
the Dark came closer,
grabbed him and lifted in the air.
He was loosing his breath,
fighting for his life,
but the will to protect the only one he loves
was bigger than the strenght of the Dark.
He has closed his eyes and waited.
The Dark let him go, thought that he´s already dead.
The Dark looked up to the stars,
his evil laught was so strong and loud,
it almost broke the pride of the soul.
The Dark looked at him again,
with a devilish smile and turned his back to him,
the Dark made the biggest mistake.
He stood up, closed his eyes and prayed.
Far in the distance, he saw a light comming near.
The Dark screamed from pain.
It was the light of the rising sun
which has defeat the Dark
made him disappear,
and shine through her life.
He came back to her,
with a smile on his face,
she won´t have to be scared of the Dark anymore,
he´s the light she needed for her life,
he won the final fight for her heart.

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